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Our 2015 harvest season runs for 20 weeks, from June to October.

For the vegetables, we offer two types of shares: Full Shares and Half Shares. Full shares are distributed weekly throughout the season. Half share members receives the same amount of food every other week. Your shares are harvested as close to the distribution day as is physically possible (generally the day before) so that you can enjoy the freshest food available.

Vegetable Share: $460 Full Share (20 weeks) or $250 Half Share (10 Distributions) Discounted shares available to eligible families.

La Baraja Farm offers over 50 different types and varieties of vegetables, some of which are traditional Mexican ingredients in addition to regional staples. The vegetable share will include swiss chard, kale, tomatillo, celery, squash, beets, cilantro, lettuce, quelites, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, potatos, tomatoes, sweet corn, and many varieties of peppers. Typically, each week’s share contains 7-9 different items(1-2lbs each), enough to feed a family of 2-4.

Fruit Share: $180 Full Share (20 weeks) *$9/week

strawberries22Wilklow Orchards, located in the Hudson Valley, will bring us–nature permitting–a wide variety of high quality fruit throughout the season, including: all kinds of berries, nectarines and peaches, red and black currants, apples, pears and plums. The fruit is seasonal and comes from a “low spray” orchard. A typical share might consist of a pint of berries or several pounds of apples. Enjoy the immediate vibrancy of locally grown fruit.


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