Our 2018 season marked our tenth year.  We feel gratitude and sadness as the season closes.  We feel thankful for our farmers and our community.  We hope that our community will continue to support local farmers and explore other CSA’s via Just Food.

*PRICES* 2018

Vegetable farmer Pedro and Fruit farmer Fred are excited to offer 20 weeks this season.

$24/week VEG & $10/week FRUIT   (plus $25 admin fee)

Full VEG Share $480 +25  Half VEG $260 +25  

Full FRUIT $200 (with *VEG share only)  

Review our 2018 Membership Form and go to our SHARES page for farm details.

Sign up is via PayPal or check for share cost plus a $25 administrative fee. Once enrolled, request an invite to our google group (Tribeca CSA) by emailing us at which is our avenue of member communication throughout the year.

ALL members are required to fulfill a minimum of TWO 2.5 hr work shifts per season at the distribution site.  (see volunteer & distribution for details.)

We need your help!
We are currently looking for CSA enthusiasts to help with administrative tasks, community events and more. Please contact us at tribecacsa (at) gmail and get involved!

Preseason is the time that your farmer needs your support the most as they begin to gear up for the upcoming growing season. Early Spring is when much of their initial outlay is spent on repair, maintenance, equipment procurement, and most importantly seed. Support La Baraja Farm and Wilklow Orchard by literally providing them with much needed “seed money”. Share our flyer.