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Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food!

In Events, Tribeca CSA on April 28, 2009 at 10:20 PM
Today we enjoyed the phenomenal weather and got to meet our farmer Pedro in the gazebo in the park.  We were so happy to celebrate the Tribeca CSA’s partnership with La Baraja Farm. We all got to relax and eat tacos while bubbles, chalk and new friendships kept the children busy. Thank you to everyone who came, brought food, ate food and spread the word!

Pedro shows photos of greenhouse seeding, harvest and his 82-year-old father who helps out on the farm every summer.

Pedro described spending a lot of time these days weeding the young onions to optimize growth. He asked that members accept asymmetry and blemishes in fruit & vegetables as those are natural outcomes of growing without chemical spray. Martiza told us about great Mexican recipes she will provide with the various plants they grow. We found out about newly hatched chicks and we can’t wait to hold them when we visit!

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