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Sold out for the 2009 Season — Waiting List Available

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The Tribeca CSA is sold out for the 2009 season. A big thanks to everyone who joined and got our first season off to a great start!! If you would like to join the waiting list for 2010, please send an email to with your name, mailing address, and email address.


Epazote Episody- Week 2

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Thank you to Aly and Just Food for providing us with veggie “tip-sheets” on storage, preparation and recipes with this week’s harvest, click on links below:

3 Onions
1 bunch Cilantro
1 bunch Radish
1 Spinach
1 bunch Oregano
1 Green Leaf Lettuce
1 bunch Beets
1 Epazote
1 bunch Carrots

Call for volunteers!

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We are seeking 3-4 volunteers who can assist us to organize CSA distributions, edit our newsletter, and plan events. Currently, a small group of volunteers (the “core group” for the CSA) has been working with our farmers, Pedro and Maritza Rodriguez of La Baraja Farm, to prepare for the season and recruit members. There is quite a lot of work to get the CSA up and running, so it would be great to have a few more volunteers.

Please see the descriptions below for more details and contact if you are interested in helping with one of these volunteer jobs!

Newsletter Editor (1 person)

* Collaborate with our Recipe Collectors(we have 2, thank you!) and work with CSA core group, La Baraja Farm and other members to gather newsletter material

* Format, edit, and photocopy a paper and/or electronic newsletter 2 times per month (in time for CSA distributions on Tuesdays)

* Create innovative ways to involve members in the newsletter 20-30 hours per season

Events Planner (1 person)

* Collaborate with the CSA Events Coordinator, core group, other members, Just Food, and La Baraja Farm to plan fun, informative, relationship-building events for Tribeca CSA members

* Plan potlucks, food/cooking demonstrations, kids programs, and at least one farm visit per season

12-15 hours per season

CSA Distribution Coordinators (2-3 people)

* Oversee distribution of vegetables 3-5 times during the season, including setting up vegetable distribution area, communicating with members about the weekly share, and ensuring that the site is cleaned up after the distribution ends

* Oversee and engage weekly volunteers in helping with the distribution

* May involve some heavy lifting

12-20 hours per season


Our June 2009 Visit to La Baraja Farm

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Our group of 32 CSA members drove up to Goshen, NY and got the grand tour of La Baraja Farm and a preview of our upcoming season! Our future bags of CSA veggies are off to a good start. We tasted some Mexican herbs Pedro specializes in growing like Papalo and Quelites (wild spinach).


He also showed us a variety of tomatillos plants (red, green and purple). Pedro pointed out at sprouting eggplants, squash, tomatoes, cabbage, kale and onions. After walking through the muddy crops(the kids loved this part!), Pedro and Maritza invited us for incredibly delicious home-made tamales, enchiladas, rice & a BBQ!  Thanks to the extended La Baraja Farm family for a great experience! Here are a few photos, see more on facebook and on Sharlene’s blog.

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce


Our first distribution!

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Our bountiful first share of the season. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this first Tribeca CSA season a reality! We’re collecting information and recipes of this week’s share: Radish, Leeks, Quelites, Cilantro, Peas, Garlic, Spinach, Mint. Just Food provided us with excellent tipsheets on drying and/or freezing your veggies.


Radishes, Leeks, Quelites, Cilantro, Sweet Peas, Garlic, Spinach, Mint




karin(tribeca) + pedro(la baraja) + paula(just food) = fresh veggies for everyone!

Karin(core member)+Pedro(La Baraja)+Paula(Just Food) = fresh veggies for everyone!


Spring on the farm

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The core group visited La Baraja Farm to go over final details with Pedro and Maritza before the start of distribution and to prepare for the CSA’s farm visit June 13. We walked on the black dirt, ate some cilantro and garlic, and saw the different stages all the plants are at(from greenhouse to sprouts in the field to plants ready for harvest). With a little more rain and sun the spring crops will be ready for picking. Since the farmers want members to get a fuller harvest, we’re going to start distribution one week later than planned, June 16th. Everyone who joins for the upcoming farm visit will get a chance to see their food “in the making”.




Chicks (chicken and turkey)




Sprouting carrots


Pedro checks the onions...almost ready!