Call for volunteers!

In Tribeca CSA on June 23, 2009 at 12:42 AM

We are seeking 3-4 volunteers who can assist us to organize CSA distributions, edit our newsletter, and plan events. Currently, a small group of volunteers (the “core group” for the CSA) has been working with our farmers, Pedro and Maritza Rodriguez of La Baraja Farm, to prepare for the season and recruit members. There is quite a lot of work to get the CSA up and running, so it would be great to have a few more volunteers.

Please see the descriptions below for more details and contact if you are interested in helping with one of these volunteer jobs!

Newsletter Editor (1 person)

* Collaborate with our Recipe Collectors(we have 2, thank you!) and work with CSA core group, La Baraja Farm and other members to gather newsletter material

* Format, edit, and photocopy a paper and/or electronic newsletter 2 times per month (in time for CSA distributions on Tuesdays)

* Create innovative ways to involve members in the newsletter 20-30 hours per season

Events Planner (1 person)

* Collaborate with the CSA Events Coordinator, core group, other members, Just Food, and La Baraja Farm to plan fun, informative, relationship-building events for Tribeca CSA members

* Plan potlucks, food/cooking demonstrations, kids programs, and at least one farm visit per season

12-15 hours per season

CSA Distribution Coordinators (2-3 people)

* Oversee distribution of vegetables 3-5 times during the season, including setting up vegetable distribution area, communicating with members about the weekly share, and ensuring that the site is cleaned up after the distribution ends

* Oversee and engage weekly volunteers in helping with the distribution

* May involve some heavy lifting

12-20 hours per season


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