Core Group Coordinator Positions

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2009 at 11:54 PM

Distribution Site Coordinators:
• Oversee weekly distribution set-up & materials
• Manage distribution volunteers
• Lists (A & B weeks, Veg, Fruit, Eggs)
• Produce drop off /weekly share record list
• Weekly notes (What ran out, problems, etc.)

Communications Coordinator:
• Write weekly newsletters to CSA members
• Update website
• Post newsletter to blog
• Post additional new blog entries
• Update or create website content as needed
• Oversee member surveys
• Other communications related tasks as needed

Low Income Coordinator:
• Implement subsidized shares as established by core group
• Meet with candidates to inform them of requirements and benefits of CSA, answer their questions; arrange for them to be signed up; work with others to figure out best way for weekly payments to happen; sort out any details
• During distribution season, arrange for leftover food to be donated.

Policy Coordinator
• Develops strategies for CSA members to become more
knowledgeable about and involved in agriculture and food policy issues

Added Products Coordinator:
• Oversee added product orders and distributions
• Speaks with fruit(or other products) farmer on regular basis

Outreach Coordinator:
• Recruits new members; handles publicity.
• Answers phone and mail queries
• Oversees volunteers to help with these activities

Please contact us at if you’re interested in any of the roles listed above or have other talents/interests you’d like to contribute to the Tribeca CSA.


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