2010 Fruit and Egg Shares

In Uncategorized on March 3, 2010 at 12:26 AM

We are excited to announce the participation of a NEW fruit farmer in the Tribeca CSA this upcoming season!

Wilklow Orchards, located in the Hudson Valley, will bring us–nature permitting–a wide variety of high quality fruit throughout the season, including: all kinds of berries,  nectarines and peaches, red and black currants, apples, pears  and plums.

Wilklow Orchards operates using Integrated Pest Management, the state of the art, low impact growing technique for this region.

With Wilklow Orchards aboard, we strengthen our commitment to local, sustainably grown fruit and vegetables while providing our neighbors the best available regional produce from an enthusiastic,  accessible source. For those considering purchasing a fruit share, we invite you to meet Fred Wilklow and sample his wares at the Brooklyn Greenmarket at Borough Hall, where he has been stationed Tuesday and Saturdays since 1984.

Fred(Wilklow Orchards) and Pedro(La Baraja Farm) will both attend our Orientation/Meet The Farmer Potluck this Spring and are looking forward to meeting everyone!

Farm Fresh Eggs

We’re getting farm fresh eggs from La Baraja Farm again this year. Pedro recently purchased land separate from his brother and will be getting new laying hens. He would like to know how many eggs our members want as quickly as possible and is offering a reduced price($4.5) this year to encourage more members to try’em.

To sign up for additional products all members are first required to have a vegetable share. Please send in payment directly to Shana for 20 week delivery of fruit, $160 (approx $8/week) and egg share is $90 ($4.50/dozen). Want both? Send $250. Want half? Find another member to split with by using our message board.


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