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Week 3 Group A

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Pedro drops off the vegetable crates!

Spring red onions


1 bunch cilantro,

1/2lb sweet peas

1 head romaine lettuce

1 bunch mint

1 bunch sage

1 bunch red spring onions

1 bunch pak choi

1 bunch carrots.

Wilklow Orchard overflowing with berries!


3 1/2 pint raspberries


1 dozen farm fresh eggs


Week 2 group B

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La Baraja Farm Share, by eatingmyshare


1 bunch chives

1 bunch swiss chard

1/2lb sweet peas

1 red leaf lettuce

1 bunch spring onions

1 bunch radishes

1 bunch spinach

1 bunch oregano

Wilklow Orchard Fruit Share, photo by ajinthekitchen.


2 pints strawberries

1/2 pint raspberries

La Baraja Eggs, photo by ajinthekitchen.


1 dozen farm fresh eggs

Spring has sprung~ sweet peas, leafy greens and herbs!

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This Saturday will be our 3rd Annual Visit to La Baraja Farm.

See where your food comes from…the sprouting vegetables in the soil!

Here is a sneak peek via photos taken by Pedro’s oldest daughter, Cynthia.
For the day’s itinerary and directions, please visit the post, Upcoming Farm Visit.

Sweet corn in the making

Herbs and lettuce varieties

Thanks to our CSA, this year, Pedro was able to purchase this tractor!

First Distribution 2011!

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IMPORTANT: First distribution is next Tuesday!

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Welcome to start of 2011 Tribeca CSA Season!!!

First distribution is almost here! Come pick up your share of vegetables, fruit and eggs…Tuesday, June 14th! Please note, if you have a week B vegetable share, your first vegetable distribution will be on June 21st. Below you will find basic FAQ about distributions. PLEASE READ FAQ CAREFULLY.

Where is the pick up location?
Inside Washington Market Park @ stroller parking area. Entrance on Duane and Greenwich Street. Please be very clear if someone else picks up for you that we are located “inside” the park and NOT on the sidewalk.

What time is pick up?
3-6pm. Not earlier and not later.

What should I bring to pick up my share?
1-2 tote bags and tupper wear for fruit like berries, plums, peaches.

Could a friend pick up my share?
Yes! They will have to use YOUR NAME only in order to sign-in.

How does it work(please follow the order below)?
0. Bring YOUR OWN BAGS and TUPPER WARE for fruit

1. Meet and greet fellow members at distribution site
2. SIGN IN with work shift member #1 for vegetables
3. Pick up your vegetables
4. SIGN IN with work shift member #2 to pick up your fruit and/or eggs
5. Pick up your fruit and/or eggs

6. Use the swap box for any items you’d like to exchange by adding to the box and taking another item in return.

When is my work shift? 
We have two shifts, 2:30-4:45 and 4:30-6:45.
Please check calendar for your assigned dates:

iCal –

What do I need to do during my work shift?
Download and read the Tribeca CSA – Workshift Instructions.

What if I can’t come on the day I am scheduled for a work shift?
Post to google group and arrange in advance for someone to switch dates with you.
In case you are unable to find a replacement, you MUST send in an alternate (friend, neighbor, colleague).

What if I missed my work shift and didn’t arrange a replacement? 
We have a policy on this one! In order to run distributions, we depend on EVERYONE to do their share. If you are significantly late or miss a work shift you will NOT be able to pick up your share at the next distribution date.

What if I am running late to pick up my share? 
Post to google group and see if another member can pick up on your behalf. This worked well last season.

What happens if I’m on vacation or can’t get to distribution one week?
Post in advance to google group so another member can enjoy the bounty and invite friends to a dinner party.Shares that are not picked up will be donated.

What happens with leftovers? 
Leftovers are donated to GLWD promptly at the end of distribution, 6pm.
How do we communicate with members and core group?
Meeting at distributions is a great way to communicate. In addition, our CSA relies heavily on administrative correspondence using googlegroups. Messages include information about the shares, offers to switch work shift dates, and any administrative changes that may occur throughout the season. In addition, members can read recipes and cooking diaries on our blog. Go to the for more info. or to subscribe.

Can I discard my carrot tops, corn husks, etc. on site? 
Unfortunately, we are unable to dispose of the extra greens or corn husks. Some members found great recipes for using carrot tops in soup. Others choose to compost.The Tribeca Greenmarket has compost collection on Saturdays.