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Week 4: 6.27.17

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Broccoli rabe
Sweet peas
Kale toscano
White onion
Red Mizuna
Salad mix

Fruit: 1 raspberry and 1 pound of 🍒cherries



Week three: 6.20.17

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🌱Bounty: LaBaraja Farm
Mix herbs
Salad mix
Collard greens
Red Mizuna
Fruit: 3 pint 🍓 Wilklow Orchards

Eat Local🌱

WEEK 2: 6.13.17

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Veg list 🌱
1lb popcorn
1 collard greens
1 radish
1 spinach
6 stalks garlic
1 cilantro
1 mint

Fruit 🍓
3 pints strawberries


Week 1 🌱 6.6.17

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🌱Bounty –






Garlic & garlic scrapes

Fruit share – rhubarb & 🍎

Eat local 🌱 inspire others

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CSA – community supported agriculture🌱
How do you cultivate community in a city that never sleeps? Busy work, busy family, busy life in a downtown world with many food choices, many local. How do you support the local farmers without winding up sweaty and washing vegetables at midnight in your micro kitchen sink wondering, “Do I like greens?”. The struggle is real. It is a bit of a mindset, to overuse a trendy word. We commit to a family farm and we commit to our family to try to infuse more veggies outside our comfort zone into our weekly diet. The struggle is also REAL for our family farms. They nurture, grow, transport and depend on the sale of their bounty for their livelihood. The bounty is their income. We committed to our family farm. How do we inspire others to take a leap and buy a share this season?
In one week- Can YOU inspire one family to buy a full share? Use the code “friend” in the comments and skip the $25 admin fee… enjoy 19 weeks without losing any value.

We need to sell 25+ more shares.

Be Brave… Eat local 🌱 inspire others.

Be well,


Eat Local🌱