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Reflecting on farm visits 2017

In Tribeca CSA on March 6, 2018 at 7:31 PM

Visiting the CSA farm is a powerful experience. A true connection between the earth, the family farm and the community of members. Touching the dirt, walking the field, witnessing the tenderness given to caring for every crop.  It honestly touched me in a way that is hard to articulate.

imageI wish every member could share in this experience first hand. In my ideal world, I would have created a video and curated photos and shared all the tribal stories that were told as we walked in the noon sun last June. Instead, I chatted with as many folks who would listen about the long farmer hours, the feel of the cool black dirt as you dig below the hot surface, the secret behind why Pedro’s cilantro is so flavorful compared to other growers.
I shared my experience the old fashion way by talking. Fortunately, another member also organized a farm visit to Pedro and she brought a camera crew. We are so grateful to have Brown Bag Lunch & Mandy as a CSA member. Their daily impact on individuals lives is uplifting and impactful. Vegetables can unite people.

Brown Bag, Trinity Church Wall Street Visits La Baraja Farm VIDEO

Community Supported Agriculture – people come to together to support local farms and farmers remind us to pause and breathe in the growing process and the community that also grows. We all need each other. Commit to a family farm this season – Join a CSA. Maybe one day I’ll create that video, until then … Eat Local Vegetables.