Work Shift Commitment
Active member participation is integral to making our brand of CSA sustainable. It’s the work you put in that allows our growers to allocate more resources towards producing the best produce they can. By facilitating the marketing and distribution locally, we save our small farms from the burden of markups for advertising, distribution, and storage. Our CSA is a member-run, volunteer-based organization: we couldn’t exist without your support and participation. We depend on our CSA members to meet and unload the produce truck, set up the site weekly, and help distribute produce and products for their fellow members. Two – 2.5 hour shifts are typical for a CSA our size and should run like this:

1. Distribution & Set-Up 
-Help farmer unload truck and set up the veggie and fruit distribution stations. The produce will arrive in flats(like the ones you see at any green market) that may need to be shifted around. Depending on the produce, a flat can weigh up to 25 pounds. Remember to lift with your legs: bend those knees and keep your back straight. Keep in mind “Safety First”.
-Check off the distribution lists. Flats will have to be rotated and re-stocked as shares are picked up.

2. Distribution & Clean up 
-Check off the distribution lists. Flats will have to be rotated and re-stocked as shares are picked up.
-Clean up. Unclaimed shares will be picked up and supply Cook for Your Life.

The Core Group
This community is a self-organizing group facilitated by a core group of members; it is very rewarding and highly recommended for anyone that wants to get more involved with creating a just food system in our Tribeca community. We are always open to ideas and creating new roles. It’s easy to get involved in the CSA, here are some ways you can help:

Site Coordinators: Oversee weekly distributions, volunteers and pick up.
Community Building: Find creative ways to involve members with Community Supported Agriculture.
Food Pantry Contact: Oversee extra food donations.
Fruit Farmer Contact: Communicate with our Fruit Farmer and share info with members.

To get involved, please contact us at

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