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Reflecting on farm visits 2017

In Tribeca CSA on March 6, 2018 at 7:31 PM

Visiting the CSA farm is a powerful experience. A true connection between the earth, the family farm and the community of members. Touching the dirt, walking the field, witnessing the tenderness given to caring for every crop.  It honestly touched me in a way that is hard to articulate.

imageI wish every member could share in this experience first hand. In my ideal world, I would have created a video and curated photos and shared all the tribal stories that were told as we walked in the noon sun last June. Instead, I chatted with as many folks who would listen about the long farmer hours, the feel of the cool black dirt as you dig below the hot surface, the secret behind why Pedro’s cilantro is so flavorful compared to other growers.
I shared my experience the old fashion way by talking. Fortunately, another member also organized a farm visit to Pedro and she brought a camera crew. We are so grateful to have Brown Bag Lunch & Mandy as a CSA member. Their daily impact on individuals lives is uplifting and impactful. Vegetables can unite people.

Brown Bag, Trinity Church Wall Street Visits La Baraja Farm VIDEO

Community Supported Agriculture – people come to together to support local farms and farmers remind us to pause and breathe in the growing process and the community that also grows. We all need each other. Commit to a family farm this season – Join a CSA. Maybe one day I’ll create that video, until then … Eat Local Vegetables.



Sign Ups for 2012 Harvest Season Are Now Open!

In Tribeca CSA on March 5, 2012 at 11:55 PM

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 4th Tribeca CSA season, bringing fresh produce from the black dirt of La Baraja Farm in Orange County, NY and Wilklow Orchards in Highland, NY to the kitchens of Tribeca, Financial District, Battery Park and beyond.

We will be offering around 65 memberships this year. They can be purchased either in a full share or in half shares, which will cost half the price of a full share and will be collected every other week.

Distribution will be on Tuesday afternoons, 3-6pm, at Washington Market Park, corner of Chambers and Greenwich Streets. The season runs for 20 weeks, from June to October. Shares will be lighter in the spring and as the season progresses, will increase in volume and variety. Members are required to fulfill two work shifts per “share family” during the harvest season at the distribution site. All sorts of information about the shares and CSA can be found on our blog.

To join the CSA, click SIGN-UP, download a registration form and send in with payment.

God’s Love We Deliver & Tribeca CSA Partnership

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Volunteers sorting the extra CSA share donations at GLWD

God’s Love We Deliver is the New York metropolitan area’s leading not-for-profit provider of life-sustaining meals and nutritional counseling for people living with life-threatening illnesses. God’s Love cooks and delivers individually tailored nutritious meals to clients who cannot shop and cook for themselves.  Meals for the children and senior caregivers of clients are also provided.  In the last fiscal year, we reached a milestone of 1 million meals delivered in a one-year period, bringing our 25 year total to over 11 million meals. All of the agency’s services are provided free of charge and God’s Love We Deliver has never had a waiting list.

GLWD Grocery Bag program now includes farm fresh produce from the Tribeca CSA!

In addition to the meal program, our Grocery Bag program delivers weekly grocery items to clients who are able to do some meal preparation and have financial need.  God’s Love is excited to be partnering again this year with the Tribeca CSA to add seasonal produce to our clients’ Grocery Bags! In addition to three purchased vegetable shares, all shares unclaimed at the end of each distribution are donated to God’s Love, ensuring that our Grocery Bag clients receive a variety of vegetables and fruits each week. Our volunteers bring the produce back to the agency, where it is distributed into client bags.

Prior to our collaboration with the Tribeca CSA, we were only able to provide non-perishable items in the weekly grocery bags. With the CSA produce, we have been able to greatly expand what we can offer.  And as you can imagine, our clients are very happy receiving such fresh, seasonal produce and have been eager to include new into their diets. To facilitate this, our Registered Dietitians are developing an ongoing series of educational materials on how to store and use various items and always include a “Recipe of the Week” highlighting weekly produce. From all of us at God’s Love, a big THANK YOU to all Tribeca CSA members for your support! For more information or questions about God’s Love We Deliver, go to, or feel free to contact the Director of Nutrition Services Lisa Zullig at


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La Baraja Farm, Pick-Your-Own Carrots 2010

Our End-Of-Season farm visit to La Baraja was a great success! Pasqual showed us the way to the remaining edibles in the mostly dry and overgrown fields. More than 30 Tribeca CSA members drove up to Goshen, NY for a beautiful fall day “down and dirty” picking of FRESH carrots, swiss chard, pak choi, mitzuna, cilantro, sage, rosemary, mint and lettuce and several surprise findings. Crates of butternut squash, onions, potatoes and EGGS generously spread for our collecting.

Thank you Rodriguez family for a growing our food. Thank you for a great season and for offering our city kids, families and friends this invaluable hands-on experience. We can’t wait for next season to begin!

Collard greens and dried tomatillos

From a Tribeca CSA Member: 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to the farm visit today. It was just great to be able to meet Pasquale, observe the chickens doing their thing, and dig for our own carrots. It was well worth the trip including the major detour! A great experience for both adults and children…

I made roasted rosemary potatoes and roasted carrots as soon as I got home!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Pak Choi