Our main farm partner is La Baraja Farm, a participant in Greenmarket’s New Farmer Development Project. They are providing the Vegetable Shares for the Tribeca CSA. In addition, they will be procuring fruit from neighboring farms for the Fruit Share.

Pedro Rodriguez and family. 2008

Pedro Rodriguez and family. 2008

La Baraja Farm is located on 16 acres in the Black Dirt Region in the town of Goshen, New York. Goshen lies about 76 miles north of Tribeca and West of the Hudson in a valley area known for its extremely fertile soil left over from an ancient glacial lake bottom.

La Baraja Farm is part of the changing face of farming in that region. A multi-generational farming family from the village of Progresso, Mexico, the Rodríguez family is transitioning their New York land from the typical onion farm to a very diverse operation consisting of 25 acres of fertile muck soil. La Baraja Farm 2012 VIDEO

They have been on their farm in Goshen since 2006, first leasing land, and now owning most of the land they cultivate. To date, they have been selling their produce primarily through farmers markets; 2009 was the first year participating in a CSA partnership with the Tribeca CSA.

2498327214_377b31bf11_b1Family and tradition is very important to the La Baraja Farm. Believing in the same healthy practices that they experienced growing up in Mexico, they do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, raising the produce “naturally”. The farm is not certified organic, and while it is a possible goal in the future as the farmers have met with inspectors and are researching the process, it is not a quick process to complete as that type of organic certification requires about 3 years of inspections, a nice stack of cash, and a pile of paperwork. However, despite the lack of official certification, La Baraja Farm has a high standard of quality, combining ecologically friendly and environmentally sound practices with old-   fashioned family values, to produce a healthy, sustainable product.


Brown Bag, Trinity Church Wall Street Visits La Baraja Farm VIDEO


La Baraja Farm. 2017

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